Svetlana Failla


Svetlana Failla - fashion designer and creator of Second Skin by S. Failla. Her line of ready-to-wear clothing uplifts the spirit through bright colors, piques interest with combined textiles, and refines and enlivens with intricate details. Simple constructions used to create complex visual forms on the body and abstract elements inspired by nature are hallmarks of Second Skin. The line features garments for both men and women with separates that mix and match and have the ability to be transformed into multiple looks. Creating clothing that brings beauty and happiness to the wearer is at the heart of Svetlana’s philosophy.

Svetlana is originally from Russia, but has lived in the United States since 1991. A life-long passion for theater and circus guided her career as a performer in numerous productions in Russia and Las Vegas, Nevada. This passion and experience has translated into her love for fashion and is reflected in her characteristic design style which earned her the distinction of...click here to see more...

...Summa Cum Laude graduate when she received her BFA in Fashion Design from the International Academy of Design & Technology.

Svetlana received special recognition when she debuted as a lead designer for Cirque du Soleil's Project Runway in 2010:

"Team Desert" was headed by designer Svetlana Failla, who used denim to create a high fashion design. Then, using the required elements, she literally transformed the garment into a desert landscape. For those who have been to Death Valley, think of the colors found in an Artist’s Palette. You will find them all incorporated. The egg carton made a purse; a bracelet was created from the toilet paper roll; that light bulb was transformed into a desert flower brooch; the bottle caps were decorative elements on the skirt; and the newspaper and Target bags were made into rays of the sun on a headpiece.

--Sandra Fox, HOD Wardrobe, Cirque du Soleil show, "Love".

Click the photo on the left to view a slideshow of Circue du Soleil'S Project Runway, "Team Desert" creation!

An accomplished fashion photographer and illustrator, Svetlana visually captures the spirit and energy of fashion - as well as the subject - through extraordinary and diverse photographic compositions.

She is also known for her original, personalized array of greeting cards, perfect and unique for any special occasion.